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Meeting with SPG, the true experts of business that'll help you along the entire journey.

We enable every company to
flourish, not just the big players.

SPG Group

We're the friendly, business-solving experts.

We're bringing expertise from FTSE 100 companies to small and medium-sized businesses to level out the playing field for everyone.

01. Trusted Business Advice from Start to Finish
02. Executing Achievable Business-Growth Plans
03. Help when you need it - no scary commitments.
Our Approach

We'll drive your business through a course of sustainable growth.

At SPG Group, we’re changing the landscape of business consultancy forever.

We believe commercial solutions shouldn’t feel like an exclusive club for corporations that require an MBA just to understand. It’s intimidating enough as it is! 

We’re here for the small and medium players. We’re here for startups, established local businesses and the real pillars of the community. 

We’re driven by paradoxical principles of supportiveness combined with unapologetically-effective accuracy. And it works.

We listen

The most important part of our job is our ability to investigate and truly listen with full objectivity.

We're here to absorb the risk to ask difficult questions at all angles to thoroughly establish the truth.

Guided Business Growth

As a result of our analytical and precise fact-finding approach, we devise and guide you through a tailored plan that'll get your business unstuck to unlock further successes.
We're here to bring clarity and ease to your unique, commercial situation.

People & Operations-Focused

Looking to develop or engage your team? We specialise in organisational structure design, recruitment and training.
We're a friendly and approachable bunch of folk who know how people work at their best when their potential is realised in the right way.

Full Financial Analysis

Looking to use your resources more efficiently? We’ll help you to streamline financial processes, gaining visibility of profit and loss, reviewing key performance indicators and offering training and support.
With every unique commercial situation we've experienced, we get better at what we do, for you.

What our clients think

Justine has consistently proven to be a talented purchasing professional, getting great deals for us in a seriously difficult commercial environment. Her project and man management skills are excellent and she has rapidly established a reputation as our “go to” project lead. Every stretch assignment she has had thrown at her has been delivered with aplomb.


Justine was great to work for because she led by example and was very was driven yet she was willing to consider alternative approaches. Formidable when she needed to be, Justine was always fair-minded, approachable and exhibited a good sense of humour.

I always found Justine to be clear in her thinking and able to switch from the strategic to the detail. She was very organised, extremely hard working and demonstrated a clarity in her communications at all times. Justine was able to put across clearly what needed to be achieved and why. It was a real pleasure to be part of her team.

Recommending Justine @ SPG

Helped restructure our business. Very knowledgeable & would highly recommend.

Jonathan Whitehead

I am privileged to be able to attend a few network events through the year.
This was possibly the best one i have ever attended the event was extremely well organised the team made all of our clients and guests feel at ease and welcome this made the day easier to network and build relationships.
The contacts we made on the day have proved valuable and led to additional work and savings to our business in reduced costs great return on the day

Great return on the day

Couldn’t recommend SPG highly enough, I’ve required Adam’s counsel for 3 new business projects and he’s always attentive and prompt. He is able to give genuinely novel advice and a fresh approach which has been invaluable.


A fantastic series of events, well organised and a great group of people attending. I highly recommend.

Highly Recommend

Krys and his team are very well organised, pick the best venues and really are very well pleasant and welcoming.
Been on loads of trips over the years and can honestly say these are the best.

Organised Team

Knowledgeable and professional. Great team, with a wealth of knowledge around business process and building sustainable, efficient business processes.


Unbelievable experience from start to finish! SPG host the best golf networking events I have attended.
The locations, setup, format, hospitality, prizes and whole experience is perfect. If you are looking to meet like minded key decision makers within businesses to grow your company or strengthen your supply chain then look no further. Krys and his team really do go above and beyond. We have attended every event so far and will be one of the first names on the sheet for future bookings, hope to see you there!


Business Owner

Couldn’t recommend SPG highly enough, I’ve required Adam’s counsel for 3 new business projects and he’s always attentive and prompt. He is able to give genuinely novel advice and a fresh approach which has been invaluable.

David Craig

Business Owner
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"We're a strong team of procurement specialists, supply chain professionals, consultants and operational experts that create and deliver organisational strategies according to your business' unique position with precision accuracy. No matter the size of your business; we're here to help you with your commercial situation to promote a journey of positive growth."
Krys Stanton, Director of Operations.


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