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Principal Consultant, MCIPS MIWFM.

Program Management
Organisation & Planning
Procurement, Real Estate and Consultancy

Hello! I’m Justine, I’m here to help you with challenges you might be having with your business. Sometimes, we all need a helping hand and an outsider’s perspective might be just what you need, and – without wanting to blow my own trumpet – I’m one of the best experts in the industry to speak to when it comes to delivering real results, without intimidation nor compromise. 

Please take a moment to read through my advice articles below, they’re designed to help you map out problems and create solutions to unblock barriers that are in the way of you and your business.  

If you need me, just drop me a message – no locked-in contracts or intimidating processes, just a chat!


Justine is an experienced Managing Director and Business Executive who demonstrates high energy and exceptional delivery in Consultancy, Programme Management, Data Management, Procurement and Corporate Real Estate Management, with experience across multiple business sectors. She has worked on client and provider side. She is passionate about enabling organisations to set a clear strategy, setting up and delivering programmes to enable success.

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