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We're here for every business.

We're redefining the meaning of Consulting.

With SPG, you're no longer a small-time player.
We're here to guide you on how to build your business using the same level of expertise and planning as big brands, but without the complexity.

We champion small businesses by putting them on a level-playing field, giving you the power and flexibility to choose how you wish to build your business and tackle challenging commercial situations. You're no longer on your own - you've got the support of SPG and, thanks our Golfing Membership, a friendly network of business professionals await to meet you.

We're supporting your journey.

With SPG's modular and flexible support

4 Stages of Change

We help you achieve success by guiding you through four easy stages - where you can opt out at any time. You're able to jump into one stage of our business consulting sessions, acquire everything you need - and exit again. Or, for those seeking extended support, we'll be running along with you with our focused commercial expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

You can even join one stage, and come out of the process, and then join back in whenever you're ready. It's simple and works for businesses that need flexibility and ease of use.

1. Consultancy

We conduct targeted and specific interviews with the owners and Senior Leadership Team to ascertain vision, goals, and alignment.

2. Build the Project Plan

We will build a completely bespoke, high quality, and detailed scope of works, including actions, roles & responsibilities, route to plan, and meeting cadence for ALL stakeholders in the process. This will address any of the areas identified in Stage 1 that the client would like to focus on.

3. Launch the Project

We lead the implementation through a Project Success Lead. They are responsible for ensuring all communication has taken place, deliverables are understood, meetings are in place and there are no blockers to delivery. All stakeholders will have direct access to them for any questions during the launch.

4. Oversee Project Success

SPG Group will continue engagement with all stakeholders, own the project plan, answer questions, resolve blockers, and ensure a smooth process is followed to maximise the effectiveness of the project and its deliverables.

And best of all, you can pick and choose any of the above.
It's the SPG approach that works.

Consultants for Real People.

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