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Make Meaningful Professional Connections

Build your network, create business opportunities.

Events to Remember

We design our events around traditional values of friendship and support. Best of all, you get the chance to truly get away from the usual daily routine so that you can enjoy great moments with our members.

Enjoyable Competitions

We'll get you involved in brilliantly-designed competitions with meaningful awards.

Visit Luxurious Locales

Enjoy hand-picked golfing locations that have comprehensive facilities designed to relax and unwind. It's what our events are known for.
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Opportunities Are Par for the Course

Connect and grow

Our events are designed to get the best out of people, and with the power of SPG Group, we unlock new ways for you to meet with people in ways that make sense. No forced awkwardness.

  • Make lasting connections
  • We’ll bring you opportunities¬†
  • Find solutions to your business growth challenges
SPG Events

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Consultants for Real People.

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