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Getting the Most Out of Business Reviews

Getting the Most Out of Business Reviews: Why Small Departmental Meetings Beat Big Off-Sites

At SPG, we assist companies in achieving “Sustainable Profitable Growth.” This journey starts with a thorough examination of the business. Whether you call it a health check, a business review, or a current state analysis, the goal remains the same—to deeply understand the current situation within the business and make plans to move it forward in the desired direction.

Traditionally, companies organize one-day off-site meetings where all departments come together to discuss the current state of affairs and decide on the way forward. However, there’s a better approach—one that involves smaller meetings with individual departments. This is how we do it at SPG, and let me explain why this method yields fantastic results.

Personalization and Individual Attention:

In those big off-site meetings, time is limited, and there’s barely enough opportunity to scratch the surface. With small meetings, you can give each department your undivided attention. You can delve deep into their unique challenges, goals, and needs. This allows you to create customized action plans that directly address each department’s specific circumstances. That personal touch is more likely to drive real improvements and meaningful results.

Enhanced Focus and Engagement:

Long meetings can be exhausting, and people’s minds start to wander. Smaller, more intimate meetings with individual departments ensure everyone is actively involved and engaged. It sparks participation and leads to focused discussions. That’s when innovative ideas start flowing.

Deeper Understanding of Departmental Dynamics:

Each department has its own unique way of doing things. In big off-site meetings, we only scratch the surface of what’s really going on. By conducting multiple meetings with each department, we gain a comprehensive understanding of their operations, challenges, and opportunities. Armed with that knowledge, we have a better chance of streamlining workflows, breaking down barriers between departments, and creating a more cohesive and effective plan for the entire organization.

Building Trust and Collaboration:

Trust is essential for any successful business. In small meetings, we create an environment where people feel safe to be open and honest. There’s no judgment, just support. Team members can express concerns, share successes and failures, and seek guidance without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, if another department or team is part of a problem, it gives us an opportunity to discuss and decide how best to address the issue constructively, without merely complaining about them. This builds trust and encourages collaboration across departments.

Continual Monitoring and Accountability:

Business reviews are not one-time events; they are part of an ongoing process of improvement and evaluation. In big off-site meetings, it’s easy to lose track of what happens next and give the illusion that it’s done and finished until next year’s off-site. But with small departmental meetings, we keep the momentum going and establish a cadence for review and improvement. That way, we are always improving and adapting to whatever challenges come our way.

If you would like to understand more about the SPG discovery process to set your company up for “Sustainable Profitable Growth,” reach out to Adam.

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